Janine KelleherJanine Kelleher is an accomplished American artist who has travelled internationally to fuel her personal and creative potential. She has lived in Italy, New Mexico, Belize and New York. Janine’s passion for life led her to the development of functional art. Her paintings on glass have become windows, doors, table tops or simply framed pieces.

Janine uses her appreciation of colour, memoirs and personal surroundings as the palette for her art. Believing that life is an ever-changing journey, she recreates functions for collected and found objects, giving them a new dimension.

Her understanding of different cultures and human nature is reflective in her artwork. She uses external structures that are strong but simple with textures that emphasize the true beauty of each object. The strength of her art lies in her ability to mix complex images with simple functional pieces.

Janine believes in the sacredness of personal space and has chosen to center her creative energy on the home. To her it is a reflection of the need for a comfortable environment.

Janine currently resides in Mexico. She is an artist, designer and photographer and remains in Mexico out of her love for the ocean, jungle and Mayan culture.